International Puppy Club  for the puppy, handler, trainer, handler, or any club or contest

International Puppy Club

Offering friendship, unity, community support, education & organizational
ideas for human puppies, handlers, trainers and owners around the world.

About International Puppy Club

The International Puppy Club, founded and headquartered in Saint Louis, MO offers friendship, unity, community support, education and organizational ideas for human pups, handlers, trainers and owners worldwide.

The International Puppy Club is a group of volunteers dedicated to assisting the human-puppy, trainer, handler and owner community worldwide to work together to create groups, contests and events in a safe and fun environment. The International Puppy Club offers free memberships to individuals, groups, contests, organizations, businesses and clubs. This also enables puppies, dogs, trainers, handlers and owners that do not have a local organization be part of a global club and to meet others in the puppy community. We want to work with the entire community to develop things like education curriculum, event play guidelines and more.

Some services of the International Puppy Club that are available to the community:

  • FREE Individual MembershipsInternational Puppy Club
  • FREE Group Associate Memberships
  • FREE Business Associate Memberships
  • FREE Contest Associate Memberships
  • FREE Puppy 101 & 201 Education Curriculum
  • FREE Handler 101 & 201 Educational Curriculum
  • FREE Mosh Pit Rules creation
  • FREE Online posters for events available
  • FREE Pup Safety & First Aid classes and first aid kit lists
  • FREE Event organizational and promotional assistance
  • FREE Regional & International Puppy, Trainer, Handler
    and Owner Gathering Listings
  • and more!

The International Puppy Club is by and for the human-puppy,
trainer, handler and owner community with voices being heard
from around the world.