International Puppy Club  for the puppy, handler, trainer, handler, or any club or contest

International Puppy Club

Offering friendship, unity, community support, education & organizational
ideas for human puppies, handlers, trainers and owners around the world.

International Puppy Club Membership

International Puppy ClubBecoming a member of the International Puppy Club is easy and it's FREE.
All pups, dogs, trainers, handlers, owners, clubs, contests, groups, businesses, and anyone else interested in puppy play are welcome to join regardless of gender, race, type of puppy or any other characteristic which makes us all unique and interesting.

It's simple, all you need to do is join the International Puppy Club group on Facebook. That's it, there are no membership fees or any other charges.


Why do you have to join the International Puppy Club group Facebook?

It is the easiest way for people to join the International Puppy Club without having to fill out a membership form and it is the easiest way for us to keep a current list of members without manually updating and distributing lists.
(hey, we're doing this for free so we want it to be easy on us too!)